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Can We Have Drinks Before?

Groups arriving clearly intoxicated will 
not be granted access to the room.
We recommend not to wear nice clothes, 
as this activity does get messy.

Do We Have To Sign A Waiver?

Yes, The person booking your room has agreed to the terms and conditions. You can find the waiver in our terms and conditions agreement. You may also sign a waiver when you arrive.

How Many People Can Play The Room?

Most rooms 2-8 People. You can find that on our Main Home Page.




Please cancel your room within 24 hour notice. 

No refund will be given if failure to do so.

All tickets purcashed under 1 person will be refunded as a whole.

If 1 person out of your group cannot make it, no refund will be given.

Individuals must purchase their own tickets under their own name and cancel within the 24 hour window.


How Early Do We Need To Arrive?

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your reservation.
Groups arriving more than 10 minutes after their
reservation time will forfeit time from their game
or lose their reservation.

Do We Play With Others?

When purchasing tickets you can the

option to book all the tickets to ensure

that you play with only your group.

If you do not purchase all the tickets

for the room, you run the risk of playing with other gamers.

What If I need To Cancel?

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